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Helping people with disabilities better their lives through mobile technology.


As mobile technology advances, its potential to positively impact people with disabilities is magnified, and the importance of identifying the best mobile solutions increases in importance. RAZ Mobility searches all over the world for unique and transformative technology, and makes this technology available to state and federal government agencies, senior and assisted living providers, schools, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies, and consumers.

In addition to being in the assistive technology business, RAZ Mobility is in the service business. We are committed to providing whatever add-on services and customization our customers require to effectively help people with disabilities.


World’s leading mobile technology, applications and support. RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for people with disabilities. In some cases, these solutions take the form of mobile applications that can be purchased via license, in other cases, the software is bundled with mobile devices. RAZ Mobility also offers the latest Android and iOS smartphones and tablets that can be used for video relay service, captioned phone service and countless mobile applications, that can assist individuals overcome their disabilities.

RAZ Mobility solutions are made available with comprehensive services that assist government agencies manage their equipment programs to their unique needs.

  • Samsung and Motorola smartphones and tablets
  • Apple iPad and Samsung tablets
  • Most advanced mobile feature phones for individuals who are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing or seniors
  • Award-winning mobile assistive technology
  • Comprehensive program management services
  • Comprehensive multi-channel customer support adapted to customer needs


Empowering people to overcome their challenges by providing pioneering mobile assistive technology and services.

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