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for People with Speech Disabilities

Speak spontaneously with friends, family, teachers, and others. You don’t need an AAC device or AAC app. Just use your voice!

Transformative Technology that Translates Non-Standard Speech into Standard Speech

The Voiceitt2 solution offers groundbreaking voice recognition technology based on AI, that allows people with speech disabilities to communicate using their own voice, which it translates into standard speech so that it can be understood by others. No need to tap symbols or write text to communicate. Just speak!

Using one’s own voice to communicate means faster communication, and eliminates the need to use a complex AAC device or app.


Voiceitt2 is Primarily for Dysarthria

Voiceitt2 works best for people dysarthric speech, such as from cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, Down’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, head injury or brain tumors.

The severity of the speech disability should be mild or moderate. If you are uncertain whether it will help, just try it! The first 30 days are free for exactly this purpose.

You must be able to read.

How Voiceitt2 Works


The first step to using Voiceitt2 is a training phase.

For this model to be created, you must teach Voiceitt2 to understand your voice. This involves repeating phrases of three to four words 200 times.

This training can take a few hours.

Speak mode

After the training is completed you can use Voiceitt2 in your daily life!

Put Voiceitt2 in speech mode to communicate with others. Speak with your own voice and Voiceitt2 will translate and transcribe your speech on the screen.

It can also vocalize the translation so that others can easily understand what you said.

Within speak mode is also the option to communicate with ChatGPT

If activated, you can use your voice to query ChatGPT. The answers will be transcribed on the screen and can also be vocalized.

Dictate mode

Use dictate mode to create text for any purpose; for example, to send an email or text message, or to write an article.

You can edit the text if needed and then share it. In this mode, you can add punctuation, such as periods and comas. In addition to being very useful for adults, dictate mode is great for students, allowing them to create documents with their voice.

Voiceitt2 is more accurate with use and adjusts if your speech deteriorates over time.

Voiceitt2 is accessed on a website and is therefore operating system agnostic. It can be used on an iPhone, an iPad, an Android smartphone or tablet, a PC or a Mac computer.


You can purchase Voiceitt2 with either a monthly subscription at the price of $49.99 per month, or an annual subscription of $499.99 per year. In both cases, the subscription includes a 30-day free trial period, during which you can try out Voiceitt2 risk free! If Voiceitt2 does not work out for you – although we are confident that it will – you can cancel your subscription during the trial period without incurring any cost.


Video Conferencing with Webex, Zoom or Teams

Use Voiceitt2 in video conference calls to be understood by call participants. The Voiceitt2 service is integrated with Webex (requires separate subscription), allowing you to speak naturally in a meeting and have your words transcribed and displayed in real time for all meeting participants to see. You can also use Voiceitt2 for Zoom and Teams (coming soon).