RAZ Memory Cell Phone

with Remote Manage
and Video Calling

Easy-to-use, groundbreaking cell phone for people with memory loss, Dementia, Alzheimer’s or seniors who prefer a simple experience

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Winner of 2022 Connect & Thrive Pitch Competition



The RAZ Memory Cell Phone ensures that seniors with dementia stay connected with their loved ones whether they are at home or away from home!


The one-touch dial picture phone is relentless in its focus on simplicity. It consists of one primary screen, and one screen only. The screen includes 3 elements:

  • Photos and names of up to six contacts (with an option for up to thirty);
  • A dedicated button to contact 911 or the alternative RAZ Emergency Service (requires subscription);
  • The time, remaining battery power, and signal strength.
Memory Cell Phone app

That’s it! There are no applications or settings to cause confusion. No unwanted notifications or operating system updates. No voicemail. No distractions. Simply tap the picture of the person you wish to call. That’s it.


If you purchase the version of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone compatible with Verizon, AT&T and other wireless providers, receive 3 months of FREE wireless service from Affinity Cellular with your purchase! Affinity Cellular operates on Verizon, America’s most reliable network. Only $25 per month thereafter. For this version of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone click here. This version of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone is fully compatible with Canadian wireless providers.

If you purchase the version compatible with T-Mobile, receive 3 months of free service from MINT Mobile with your purchase. For the T-Mobile version click here.


Remote Manage provides caregivers the unprecedented ability to remotely manage ALL aspects of their senior’s cell phone through a simple app. The app are used by the caregiver to create and edit contacts, send the senior reminders, set up hours during which the senior cannot place calls, track the location of the phone/user, check the phone’s battery power or signal strength, select certain options, such as the option to disable the power button or restrict incoming calls to contacts, preventing unwanted predatory robocalls, and much more. Remote Manage can be used by caregivers from anywhere in the United States or Canada; changes made with Remote Manage are reflected on the RAZ Memory Cell Phone right away.

Remote Manage allows one caregiver to manage multiple RAZ Memory Cell Phones.  Thus, for example, a daughter can manage phones for two parents.  And it allows multiple caregivers to manage one RAZ Memory Cell Phone.  For example, two adult siblings can manage their mother’s RAZ Memory Cell Phone. 

Memory Cell Phone app


In addition to voice calls, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone now supports video calls.  Any contact can easily video call the senior using the RAZ Care app.  From the senior’s point of view, the incoming video call looks just like a regular phone call: the senior simply taps “Answer” to start the video session.  The senior does not have to tap on any links or open any apps. In fact, there is no additional complexity added to the user experience at all!

Video calls allow a more intimate connection between the senior and the family member, which may help reduce loneliness.  According to the National Institute on Aging the health risks of prolonged loneliness is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day!  If nothing else, seeing the faces of family members, such as children and grandchildren, will make the senior feel better.

To be clear, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone initiates and receives voice calls, and can receive, but not initiate, video calls. 



Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app

One screen only

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone only has one screen. The user cannot exit this environment.

One-touch dialing

Make calls by touching pictures. Contact names are shown below pictures. Pictures and names are perfect for individuals with memory loss.


By default, the RAZ Memory Phone displays up to six pictures of contacts. If memory loss is more severe, the phone can display only one or two pictures.

More contacts

There is an option to expand to thirty pictures of contacts. The user must scroll to access the additional contacts.

Answering calls couldn’t be easier

When the phone rings, two big buttons will appear. A green one that says “Answer” and a red one that says, “Hang up”. If the caller is a contact, a large picture and name of the caller will be displayed.

Quiet hours

Prevent your senior with dementia from calling specified contacts during certain hours of the day, such as in the middle of the night.


Set reminders that will appear as sticky notes on the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, with the option to also create audio reminders.

Low battery text message

Caregiver can receive a text message when the battery of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone is less than a specified amount.


Incoming calls will be answered automatically, without pressing “Answer”.


To save battery, display will go dark after 2 minutes, and wake up with movement.

Charging reminders

When battery is low, senior will receive a reminder to charge.

Block unwanted incoming calls

If predatory robocalls calls are a concern, block incoming calls from anyone other than contacts and selected numbers.

Location tracking

Track your loved-one’s location by tracking the phone at no additional cost. The location will be updated every fifteen minutes.

Always on

The home screen is always on and the phone ready to use. It will never fall asleep and never lock. The user will not have to remember a passcode.

Call history

Check the senior’s call history.

Press & hold buttons

The intuitive press & hold method prevents unwanted dialing. Other button activation options are available as well.

Dedicated 911 emergency button

No need to remember 9-1-1 digits. User can simply press, and hold dedicated 911 button. Or, select alternative RAZ Emergency Service to avoid unwanted 911 calls.

RAZ Emergency Service

Manage repetitive 911 calling with the RAZ Emergency Service. Dispatch agents will know that the caller suffers from memory loss and caregivers will be notified of emergency calls by text message.

Order RAZ Emergency Service

Volume rocker disabled

The volume rocker is disabled. Volume is always on maximum.

Large display

Extra-large and bright 6.5-inch display.

Long-lasting battery

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone has a long-lasting battery.

Notification of 911 calls

Up to 3 people can receive a text message alert when senior calls 911.

Hear name of caller

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone will speak the name of the caller when there is an incoming call.

Option to prevent user from making calls

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone can be set to receive calls only, while providing the senior the ability to call 911.

RAZ Care app

The intuitive app allows caregivers to manage contacts including pictures and other options.

Calls on speaker

Place all calls automatically on speaker.


Change the ringtone and ringtone volume.

Disable power button

Disable the power button, ensuring that the phone is always on and that the user does not inadvertently turn off the phone or go into Safe mode.

Contact allow list

Create a list of people (other than contacts) that can call the user even if incoming calls are limited to contacts.


Change the RAZ Memory Cell Phone’s background to either white or black, whatever works better for the senior’s eyesight.

Monitor battery and signal strength

Check the phone’s battery and signal strength remotely via the app.

Wireless charging

If the user has problems with dexterity, charge the phone using the wireless charging set.

Order Wireless Charging

Free updates

Enjoy free updates with additional features.

Announce phone is charging

When the senior charges the phone, it will announce “phone charging”

Special low vision and tremor mode

Everything is much larger for users with low vision or hand tremors. Customize the color scheme of contacts for users with vision loss.

Read more details below

Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app
Memory Cell Phone app
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RAZ Emergency Service

Just press the Emergency button at the top of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone’s screen and connect to a highly trained agent to help the senior through their problem.  The agent will have access to the senior’s location and health condition(s).  Also, when a call is placed to the RAZ Emergency Service, text messages will be sent to designated caregivers, providing caregivers the opportunity to interact directly with the agent to assess the nature of the emergency and provide input.  This service provides seniors the comfort that they can call for help without necessarily having a rescue vehicle dispatched to their residence!

At $99.99 per year with no activation fee, or $9.99 per month with an activation fee of $20, the RAZ Emergency Service costs far less than any comparable service!

Order RAZ Emergency Service

RAZ Alert

Respond more quickly to your senior’s emergencies. When your senior calls 911, receive a text message alerting you to the call. Up to 3 people can receive the 911 text message alert. The RAZ Alert service is available even if you do not subscribe to the RAZ Emergency Service, and is available at no additional cost through the RAZ Care app.

Control out-of-control emergency calling

Imagined emergencies and repetitive 911 calling is all too common for people with dementia. The RAZ Emergency Service (see above) is the solution!  Our agents know that many of our customers suffer from memory loss and will determine whether to contact 911 guided by this knowledge. Also, text messages will be sent to designated caregivers, providing caregivers the opportunity to cancel the emergency call so that 911 is not contacted.

The RAZ Emergency Service prevents 95% of unnecessary 911 calls.

Order RAZ Emergency Service

Auto Answer

If you believe that your senior may be experiencing an emergency, activate the Auto Answer feature in the RAZ Care app.  When you call, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone will answer automatically after 2 or 3 rings and go to speakerphone.  You can then ask your senior if they are alright and need help.  This is a great safety feature if your senior has fallen, or is experiencing another emergency, and can’t get to the phone!  Available at no cost and activated through the RAZ Care app.


Many seniors with cognitive decline also experience low vision or hand tremors. Diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy lead to vision loss; Parkinson’s disease and strokes can lead to hand tremors. If your senior suffers from vision loss, hand tremors, or arthritis, they can benefit from our special low vision or tremor mode. With this mode activated, all the contact pictures are replaced with much larger icons, which can be customized in whatever color scheme helps improve the senior’s vision the most. Instead of up to six contacts per page, this mode supports only two, making them much easier for those with hand tremors or vision loss to both see and tap. The emergency button, Answer button, and Hang-up buttons are also much larger.

Special low vision

Hand tremor mode


Some seniors have difficulty charging their phone with a charging cable. Inserting the cable “head” into the phone requires a level of coordination they no longer have. Also, seeing the charging stand next to their bed can help them remember to charge their phone. Simply place the RAZ Memory Cell Phone on the charging stand and the phone will charge!

Order Wireless Charging


Music is a powerful tool for engaging people with dementia. It helps improve mood, cognitive function, focus, and memory, while reducing agitation and frustration. We all have connections to songs that take us back in time, let’s use that connection to brighten your loved one’s day! As a result of our partnership with the non-profit Mind & Melody, your senior can benefit from virtual music sessions provided over the RAZ Memory Cell Phone’s video calling feature. Your loved one will connect one-on-one with a passionate professional musician for 1-hour sessions using personally meaningful songs to foster stimulation and connection. Not sure if your senior will enjoy the music sessions? You can try out a free 30-minute session before you purchase.

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RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Winner of 2022 AARP Innovation Labs Connect & Thrive Pitch Competition



The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is offered for free to eligible consumers by various state government programs. These programs offer specialized telecommunications equipment, such as the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, to consumers with disabilities. Program requirements vary and can include an income requirement.

Arkansas TAP

Maryland MAT

Oregon TDAP

ND Specialized Phone Program

Pennsylvania TDDP

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Minnesota TEDP

Rhode Island ATEL




Operating System: Android 11;

Processor: MediaTek Helio G25

Memory (RAM): 3GB RAM Internal storage: 32GB


Battery size: 4,000 mAh


Display: 6.5″; 720 x 1600 Resolution


Dimensions: 6.59″ Height; 2.98″ Width; 0.34″ Depth Weight: 0.41 lb Ports: Type-C USB


Carrier support: Unlocked and compatible with all wireless providers, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, and their resellers, such as Mint Mobile, Affinity Mobile and Straight Talk.

SIM card: Nano-SIM


Device: Smartphone Accessories: Wall charger, Micro-USB charger cable and user guides.


Memory Cell Phone app


We understand the importance of staying connected with your loved one! So if your RAZ Memory Cell Phone is seriously damaged during the first 12 months of ownership because it was unintentionally dropped or experienced water damage (loss or theft, not included), RAZ Mobility will provide a replacement phone at the reduced price of $175.00. This opportunity is only valid if you purchased a protective case with your original phone. To receive the replacement phone, your original phone must first be returned to RAZ Mobility.

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ALCA Corporate Partner

RAZ Mobility is a proud partner of ALCA – Aging Life Care Association. The association’s members are care managers committed to a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.

Project Donate

If your family is low income and cannot afford a RAZ Memory Cell Phone, you may be able to receive a donated device. Your family must earn no more than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify. On the other hand, if you have a RAZ Memory Cell Phone that is no longer being used, you may donate your phone to someone else. Either way, call 800-729-0083 or email customersupport@razmobility.com.

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Contribute your Ideas

We are always looking for ideas for additional features or changes to the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. If you have a good one, or even a not so good one, please email us at info@razmobility.com

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