LUCIA Cell Phone

Big-button cell phone for people who are blind, visually impaired or hard of hearing

There is nothing else like it in the world!

Lucia mobile phone image. Orange phone with tactile buttons and large display

Easy-to-use talking cell phone that allows people with vision loss to take full advantage of mobile communication.

Tactile big buttons with different colors and shapes, premium Swiss quality, a unique design that prevents the Lucia cell phone from slipping out of the hand and audio amplification, make this talking cell phone the perfect phone for users who are blind, visually impaired or hard of hearing.

Thanks to Lucia’s talking voice guide, someone who is completely blind can use every feature of the phone.

Unlocked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM providers such as Cricket Wireless, Red Pocket Mobile, Straight Talk and Metro by T-Mobile.

Senior couple holding mobile phone
Speaker icon

Long battery life

Lucia has a powerful battery that has a standby time of up to seven (7) days.

Contacts icon


Lucia allows people who are blind to add contacts independently. As the user moves through their contacts, the contact name is read out loud.

Phone display icon


Extra-large characters and seven different color schemes, including, but not limited to, white on black, black on white and yellow on black.

SOS symbol

SOS button

There is a dedicated SOS button on the back of the phone. If pressed during an emergency, it will call up to five numbers in sequence.

Keypad symbol

Tactile Big Buttons & Keypad

Number keys are large (1/2” x 3/8”), concave and well-spaced. The buttons to navigate the menu system, are large with different colors and shapes.

Speaker symbol

Voice guide

Lucia talks while the phone is being used. It speaks whatever is on the display, speaks the name of the key that is pressed and guides the user to perform certain functions. Lucia speaks everything: Caller ID, battery level, contacts, missed calls, text messages and more. The Voice Guide is available in English and Spanish with more than 10 different voices.

Accessibility icon


Anything that can be accomplished by someone with their sight can be accomplished by someone who is completely blind or visually impaired.

Audio volume icon

Sound boost

To help people with hearing loss, the Lucia phone has a dedicated “Sound Boost” button that, when pressed, provides additional volume during phone calls. Lucia has premium speakers to maximize clarity and sound experience.

Audio volume icon

One-Touch Dial

User can call the desired phone number or contact with a single press of a button by using Speed Dial.


Swiss quality seal










The Lucia phone is perfect for government programs that wish to provide a basic phone to individuals who are low vision, blind, hard of hearing or seniors


The Lucia cell phone is offered for free to eligible consumers by various federal and state government programs.

These programs offer specialized telecommunications equipment such as the Lucia phone to consumers with disabilities. Program requirements vary and can include an income requirement as well. The Department of Veterans Affairs supports exclusively veterans.

Rhode Island ATEL

Arkansas TAP

Kansas TAP

Wyoming Relay WYRED

Pennsylvania TDDP

Colorado CTP

Minnesota TEDP

Maryland MAT

Department of Veterans Affairs


Missouri AT TAP

Oregon TDAP

Texas STAP

Lucia Cell Phone Features

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Large and tactile buttons in different colors and shapes
  • Physical keypad with large high-quality buttons
  • Voice Guide
  • Ergonomic design for a perfect fit
  • Large display
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Amplified sound – SoundBoost
  • Speed Dial – dial by pressing a single button
  • Contacts
  • Alarm Calendar
  • SOS button
  • Talking watch
  • Status button
  • Super large characters
  • Intuitive easy-to-navigate menu
  • Call log
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Multiple languages available – English, Spanish, French
  • Unlocked for GSM networks
  • Swiss quality


Listen to our Accessibility Specialist describing the Lucia cell phone



Operating System: Custom Linux
Processor: ARM9 (454 MHz)
Memory (RAM): 256 MB
Internal storage: 8 GB
Expandable storage: Up to 64 GB with memory card


Battery size: 2500-3000 mAh removable Li-ion
Standby time: Up to 20 days
Talking time: Up to 10 hours
Charging: Days of power in 2 hours. Fully charged in 3 hours.
Charger type: wall plug charger, 5W max, 1A, universal input voltage range, USB connector


Display: 2.6” LCD TFT; 320×240 dpi; 65K colors


Dimensions: 72 mm x 139 mm x 17 mm / 2.83″ x 5.47″ x 0.67″ (width x height x depth)
Weight: 150 g / 5.3 oz (105 g / 3.7 oz w/o battery)
Ports: USB Type-C direction independent
Body: Ergonomically designed body with tactile buttons


Colors: o Orange o Navy blue o Black


Speakers: Front port loud speaker
Microphone: Front port microphone
Headphone jack: 3.5 mm with mode detection
HAC rating: M4/T4 (UMTS); M3/T3 (GSM)

Sound Boost: amplified phone call audio

Display: Large characters, customizable color schemes incl. color inversion, brightness settings.
Voice guide: TTS (Text-to-speech) voice guide with 15+ voices to choose from
Keypad: Physical keypad with large, tactile buttons
Audio: HAC M4/T4 (UMTS); M3/T3 (GSM)
Audio: amplified phone call audio


Emergency: SOS button with customizable SOS dialing
Languages: Standard U.S. version: English, Spanish and French (Canadian French). Additional languages such as German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian available upon request.


Carrier support: Unlocked for AT&T, T-Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile and other GSM networks such as Cricket Wireless, Straight Talk and Metro by T-Mobile
Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quadband, UMTS 900/2100 MHz (850/1900 MHz for North-America)
SIM card: Standard-SIM
Device: Lucia
Accessories: Charger with region-specific plugs, USB-Type-C charger cable, guides
Packaging: Paper only (min 50% recycled), fully recyclable and biodegradable


CE: Yes
IC: 24486-LUCIA1

Lucia mobile phone image. Orange phone with tactile buttons and large display. Side view

Lucia is a 3G mobile phone. AT&T has announced that it will be shutting down its 3G network in 2022. T-Mobile has not yet made an official announcement regarding when it will shut down its 3G network. Should both AT&T and T-Mobile shut down their 3G networks before you are able to use Lucia for 2 years and 10 months, you will receive a discount when you purchase the 4G version of Lucia. To take advantage of this offer you must return your 3G version of Lucia to RAZ Mobility and the device must be operational. This offer is valid only if a 4G version of Lucia is available when your 3G phone is in need of replacement. This is your only remedy when both AT&T and T-Mobile shut down their 3G networks.