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The Latest in Mobile Assistive Technology

RAZ Mobility offers assistive technology and related services directly to people with disabilities, as well as to government agencies.

Raz Mobility Cell Phone


Easy-to-use, groundbreaking cell phone for people with memory loss, Dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, low vision, Parkinson’s or seniors who prefer a simple experience.

Includes Remote Manage - provides caregivers the ability to remotely manage the senior’s cell phone through an app.


The award-winning RAZ Memory Cell Phone ensures that seniors stay connected with their loved ones whether they are at home or away from home!

The one-touch dial picture phone is relentless in its focus on simplicity. It consists of one primary screen, and one screen only.
The screen includes 3 elements:

  • Photos and names of up to six contacts (with an option for up to fifty);
  • A dedicated button to contact 911 or the alternative RAZ Emergency Service (requires subscription);
  • The time, remaining battery power, signal strength, and optionally, the day of the week, month and date.

That’s it! There are no applications or settings to cause confusion. No unwanted notifications or operating system updates.
No distractions. Simply tap the picture of the person you wish to call. That’s it.

Raz Mobility Cell Phone


The Voiceitt solution offers cutting-edge voice recognition technology based on AI, that allows people with speech disabilities to use their own voice, which it translates into standard speech so that it can be understood by others. No need to tap symbols or write text to communicate. Just speak!

Using one’s own voice to communicate means faster communication, and eliminates the need to use a complex AAC device or app. The abandonment rate is therefore expected to be much lower for Voiceitt compared to other solutions.

Voiceitt also has a dictate mode, which provides users the ability to dictate text for work, including schoolwork, or to communicate via email or messaging. Voiceitt even provides users the ability to talk to ChatGPT.

Voiceitt is a web app and is therefore operating system agnostic. It can be used on an iPhone, an iPad, an Android smartphone or tablet, a PC or a Mac computer.

Image of two Moto Z Play smartphones showing display with accessibility application icons and back of the smartphone with camera.


Smartphone with Tactile Keypad for Individuals with Vision Loss

This smartphone is perfect for people who are blind or visually impaired who want the power and features of a smartphone but find it difficult to control a device exclusively through touchscreen gestures. Unlike any other smartphone, the SmartVision 3 can be fully controlled through either a tactile keypad with large buttons and audio feedback, the normal touchscreen TalkBack gestures, or voice commands.


  • Voice control
  • Voice guide / TalkBack
  • All features are accessible
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Touchscreen
  • Touchscreen gestures
  • Speaking caller ID
  • Vision tools
  • Magnitext
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Color identifier
  • Money identifier
  • Google Play
  • SOS
  • Wireless charging
  • Audiobooks and Podcasts
  • NFC tags
Smartvision 3 Smartphone


Simple, big-button cell phone for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Easy-to-use talking phone that takes care of all the basic telecommunications needs. The talking voice guide provides someone who is blind with the ability to use every feature of the phone. And the large tactile buttons allow users to navigate the phone with ease.

Users can place calls, send text messages, and more, with voice commands.

MiniVision2 Cell Phone


  • Voice guide
  • Voice commands
  • All features are accessible
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Speaking caller ID
  • Adjustable font size and color scheme
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • FM radio
  • Color identifier
  • Money identifier
  • Weather
  • Where am I?
  • Speaks status information, such time, date and battery level
  • Voice memos
  • Notes
  • Camera and photo album
  • Dedicated SOS button
  • Unlocked for GSM networks
  • Multiple languages and voices available – English, Spanish and many more


RAZ Mobility customers receive preferred access to the one-of-a-kind RAZ Club, which includes discounts and privileges on amazing AgeTech products and services that make the process of aging and caregiving easier. 

The RAZ Club is a unique way for our customers to learn about, and benefit from, products and services that RAZ Mobility has researched, verified, and in some cases experienced as customers.  For example, both of our founders are enthusiastic users of Prisidio’s digital vault. 

The RAZ Club isn’t your typical member-benefit program.  Its goal isn’t to provide you a discount off your restaurant or hotel bill.  It’s about introducing you to AgeTech solutions that RAZ Mobility is confident will make a positive difference in your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

Image of two Moto Z Play smartphones showing display with accessibility application icons and back of the smartphone with camera.