The Best Cell Phone for Stroke Victims in 2023

Published: January 2, 2023

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone was specifically designed for seniors with cognitive decline.  As such, it is frequently a very good choice for people who have experienced a stroke.  In a recent customer survey, it was reported that close to 10% of seniors using the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, were doing so because they had experienced a stroke.  

Depending on the area of the brain impacted by the stroke, cognitive functions, such as thinking, reasoning, and judgment, can be impacted.  If this occurs, the complexity of using a standard cell phone, or even a landline, may be too much for the stroke victim. 

It’s All About Simplicity

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone focuses on simplicity, making it a great option for seniors who have experienced a stroke.  Simplicity is achieved in a number of ways.  Most importantly, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone has one primary screen, rather than a menu system.  The screen includes a maximum of six contacts, with an option for up to thirty.  Contacts appear on the screen in the form of pictures with names underneath. 

The pictures make it easier for people who have experienced a stroke to recognize the contact they wish to call.  This can be especially important for stroke victims because the stroke may have impacted the senior’s ability to read.  Accordingly, selecting contacts by picture, rather than name, can be a critical feature. 

To make calls, the senior taps and holds the picture of the person they wish to call.  That’s it!  There is no menu system, no apps, no ability to access settings …etc.  The Phone cannot be any easier to use.   

To further simplify the experience, the volume button is disabled and set to the highest possible volume (most seniors require the loudest volume setting), there is no lock screen that the senior needs to circumvent with a password or other action, and the power button can be disabled in case the stroke victim has difficulty turning the phone on and off.    

Control the Cell Phone from Afar with Remote Manage

Typically, a cell phone is managed in device settings.  To maximize ease-of-use of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, however, the phone is managed through a groundbreaking feature called Remote Manage.  Remote Manage provides caregivers the ability to manage all features of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, using an online portal or mobile application. 

The mobile application can be downloaded by the caregiver to his or her own smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.  To be clear, however, the stroke victim does not have access to the device settings; the caregiver controls these settings, and all features of the phone, through the online portal or app.      

Remote Manage offers caregivers many capabilities and options. These include:

  • Manage contacts – Create, edit, and delete your senior’s contacts, including the pictures, remotely. 
  • Limit incoming calls to those from contacts – Block incoming calls from anyone other than contacts to prevent predatory robocalls, and phone fraud. 
  • Video calls – Contacts can video call the senior through the mobile application (not yet available – coming soon).
  • Contact allow list – This is a list of people (not contacts) who can call the senior even if incoming calls are limited to contacts.
  • Quiet hours – These are times of the day during which the senior who has experienced a stroke cannot call certain contacts, for example, at night-time. 
  • Text message alerts when the battery is low – When the battery of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone is low, the caregiver will receive a text message alerting them to that fact.  The caregiver can then remind the senior to charge their phone.
  • Reminders – Remind your senior of things they should do or of upcoming events.  Some seniors who have had strokes experience memory loss. 
  • Status information – Check the status of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone’s remaining battery, signal strength, and location.   
  • Auto answer – Phone calls will be answered automatically, after two or three rings, without the senior having to press “Answer.”
  • Calls to the speaker – Calls will automatically go to the speaker.
  • Disable the power button – The RAZ Memory Cell Phone will always be on.  The senior will not be able to inadvertently turn off the phone.



Operating the Phone with Tremors 

In some cases, individuals experience tremors following a stroke.  Tremors refer to the involuntary movement of a part of the body.  If, after a stroke, tremors are experienced in the hands, it may be difficult for the senior to use a standard cell phone.  In this case, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone can assist. 

With a maximum of six contact pictures on a page, the pictures are very large, making it easy to initiate calls by pressing the pictures.  Further, by minimizing the extent to which the stroke victim must navigate a cell phone, the entire experience is easier for someone with tremors.   

 Price and Wireless Service

The price of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone is either $309.00 or $349.00.  The version that is $309.00 is compatible with the T-Mobile network only.  The version that is $349.00 is compatible with all networks.  Accordingly, this more expensive version works with all major wireless providers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Mint Mobile, Affinity Cellular, and others. 

The phone is unlocked, so the user can select his or her wireless provider and plan.  Currently, both versions of the phone come with a free SIM card and three (3) free months of service from either MINT Mobile or Affinity Cellular.    

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