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Shhh … It’s Time to Discuss Quiet Hours

A customer called us about one year ago and reported that he had purchased the RAZ Memory Cell Phone for his father, who had dementia.  He said that his father loved the phone and that he was using it frequently.  But there was one problem: his father was often calling him at work in the middle of the workday and would not stop. 

Repetitive calling by people with dementia is not uncommon.  It can become especially problematic if the calls are received in the middle of the night.  People with dementia commonly experience altered sleep cycles, causing them to wake up when they should be sleeping.  If the person starts making calls, it can be a real problem for family members. 

To address this challenge, the RAZ Memory Cell Phone offers Quiet Hours.  This feature is managed in the RAZ Care app or the online portal.  It allows caregivers to set up days and times during which the senior will not be able to place calls.  The Quiet Hours can be turned on or off at the individual contact level.  For example, you may wish to prevent the senior from calling everyone during Quiet Hours, except for the primary caregiver, who can be reached on any day and at any time.

If the senior places a call during quiet hours, they will not be able to reach the contact and will instead hear a message.  The message can either be the default message provided by RAZ Mobility or it can be a message created by the caregiver.  We recommend that you record the audio message, rather than use the default one.  A message in the caregiver’s voice will be more comforting to the senior and reduce the risk that the senior will feel rejected because their call has not been answered.

If you wish to see whether your senior made calls during Quiet Hours and to whom, the information is available in “Call History” in the RAZ Care app or online portal. 

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions regarding the Quiet Hours feature, please feel free to call customer support at 800-729-0083 or email us at