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Keeping the RAZ Memory Cell Phone Charged

A common challenge for individuals with dementia is keeping their RAZ Memory Cell Phone charged.  We recommend that they develop the habit of charging their phone every night before going to bed.  There are three techniques that you can adopt to make sure that your senior charges their phone.

  1. Receive a Text Message when the Battery is Low

You can use the RAZ Care app or the online portal, to request a text message whenever the battery goes below a specified level, say 20 percent.  When you receive a message, you can call your senior and remind them to charge their phone.  In both the app and the portal this option is found in Settings. 

If you do not want to receive a text message, but nevertheless wish to check the RAZ Memory Cell Phone’s remaining battery power, you can also do this in the online portal or RAZ Care app.  In the app, the information is provided in the “More” section; in the portal it is located at the top of every page.  You can check the app or online portal at any time to view the phone’s remaining battery power. 

  1. You can Purchase a Wireless Charging Set

RAZ Mobility offers two wireless charging sets.  Rather than inserting the charging cable into the phone –which can be a difficult task for someone with arthritis, tremors, or another mobility disability – the user can simply lay the phone on the wireless charger.      

RAZ Mobility offers two types of wireless chargers, one is a circular pad that sits flat on the surface.  The other is a stand.  Having one of these right next to the senior’s bed, can be a great technique for keeping the phone charged.  The senior doesn’t have to remember to charge the phone, per se.  They only need to remember that when they go to bed, they must place the phone on the charging pad or stand, which they will see right next to the bed.

  1. Send Your Senior a Reminder

Using the RAZ Care app or the online portal, you can send your senior reminders.  A reminder appears on the phone as a sticky note and can also be heard as an audio message.  You can set the reminder to repeat so that it appears on the phone every night at the designated time.  The reminder feature is a great tool to encourage your senior to charge their phone. 

If you use one, or all, of these techniques , we are confident that you can overcome the challenge of keeping the RAZ Memory Cell Phone charged, despite your senior’s memory loss.