Important Accessories for the RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Careful consideration has gone into selecting the accessories for the RAZ Memory Cell Phone.  Through feedback and experience we have identified accessories that solve some of the unique challenges faced by our customers.  This article identifies and discusses 6 of those accessories.   

  1. Protective Case

Seniors with intellectual disabilities and other conditions, such as arthritis, may be more prone to dropping their phone than the average person.  As a result, we highly recommend that you purchase a protective case

The wallet case protects the phone if it is dropped, and it also does a nice job of preventing accidental calling.  Accidental calling is common for everyone.  We have all experienced the “butt-dial”.  Accidental dials can occur more often for some users of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone since the screen is always on.  The wallet case covers the display when it is not in use, making accidental calling all but impossible. 

  1. Screen Protector

The screen protector reduces the risk of a cracked display if the phone is dropped, and also protects the phone from scratches.  It is a worthwhile investment if you are concerned that your senior may drop their phone.    

  1. Wireless Charging Set

RAZ Mobility offers two wireless charging sets that help individuals with mobility disabilities.  Rather than inserting the charging cable into the phone –which can be a difficult task for someone with arthritis, tremors, or another mobility disability – the user can simply lay the phone on the wireless charger.    

RAZ Mobility offers two types of wireless chargers, one is a circular pad that sits flat on the surface.  The other is a stand.  We recommend the stand because it does an excellent job of charging the phone regardless of how the phone is positioned on the charger.  The circular pad is a little sensitive with respect to placement.        

  1. 6-ft Coiled Extension Charging Cable

Some seniors with dementia have difficulty recognizing the charging cable.  The cable can be confused with an electric cable for a lamp or appliance.  If your senior experiences this confusion, try using the coiled cable.  A coiled cable stands out and reminds seniors of the coiled cable that was used with rotary phones.  This familiarity helps the senior make a mental connection between the coiled cable and the RAZ Memory Cell Phone.

  1. Pouch with Belt Clip

You can purchase a pouch that the senior can attach to his belt.  The pouch offers an easy way to carry around and protect the RAZ Memory Cell Phone.  The senior can easily open or close the pouch with a magnetic self-closing flap. 

  1. Emergency Information Contact Tag

The tag provides basic information such as name, emergency contact number, and medical condition. The tag consists of sturdy, high-quality plastic, available in multiple colors that will last for years. Your information is etched directly onto the tag.  This is a very good product for seniors who become disoriented and wonder.   

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