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Recommendations for New Users

When you first receive the RAZ Memory Cell Phone and set it up for your senior, we strongly recommend that you start slowly and keep the senior’s initial experience with the phone as simple as possible.  After they become accustomed to the phone and gain confidence, you can introduce additional complexity.  Guided by this principle, the following are RAZ Mobility’s recommendations regarding the initial set up:

  1. Contacts – Start by setting up 2 to 3 contacts only. Additional contacts can be set up later.  Also, include pictures with the contacts.  The senior will recognize the contact more easily. 
  2. Power button – Disable the power button. This way the phone will always be on, and the senior will not need to worry about turning the phone on or off. 
  3. Charging the phone – Encourage the senior to develop a routine of charging their phone every night before they go to bed.  If they have difficulty remembering to charge, you can use the RAZ Care app or the online portal to have a text message sent to you whenever your senior’s battery decreases to a specified threshold, say 15 percent.  After you receive the notification, call your senior, and remind them to charge.  Also, there are certain accessories that may help your senior remember to charge, such as the wireless charging set
  4. Call activation method – By default, the senior must press and hold the contact name or picture for about a second and a half in order to initiate a call. There are other call activation methods which can be selected in the RAZ Care app or the caregiver portal, such as a simple tap or a double tap.  To start, we suggest using the default call activation method.  Do not forget to teach you senior that they must press and hold to initiate a call.    
  5. Limit incoming calls – If your senior is vulnerable to telemarketers and other predatory callers, we strongly recommend that you limit incoming calls to contacts. You can always add people to the Allow List if you want certain non-contacts to be able to call the senior.  
  6. Dial pad – We do not suggest that you activate the dial pad option to start. 
  7. Other features – Initially, we do not recommend that you activate other features of the phone, such as the auto-answer feature, reminders, and quiet hours.

The above tips are highly recommended.   It is important that the senior’s first experience with the phone is positive and that they quickly develop confidence that they can operate the phone with ease.