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Cabin John, MD (June 29, 2022) – RAZ Mobility (, a provider of mobile assistive technology, and KAPSYS (, a French manufacturer of accessible cell phones, announced that the MiniVision2+ Cell Phone, designed specifically for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, has been authorized to operate on the AT&T and Cricket network as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). 

The MiniVision2+ is a basic mobile phone offering easy-to-use accessibility to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. This popular unlocked cell phone has been offered by RAZ Mobility since 2021 and is also compatible with the T-Mobile network.   

In a 2021 study published by Jama Ophthalmology, “Prevalence of Visual Acuity or Blindness in the U.S.,” researchers found that more than 7 million Americans are living with uncorrectable vision loss, including more than 1 million who are blind.  The MiniVision2+ is a unique cell phone engineered to serve this population. 

All features of the MiniVision2+ are 100 percent accessible to individuals with no sight at all.

  • The cell phone is controlled through tactile buttons and voice commands.
  • Accessibility is achieved through a unique voice guide that speaks as the user navigates the device.  For example, the voice will announce the name or phone number for incoming calls and read aloud received text messages. 
  • In addition to basic features, such as talk, text, alarm, and calendar, the cell phone supports features specifically designed to assist individuals with vision loss, such as a money recognizer, and light and color detector. 
  • Low vision users will benefit from the ability to significantly increase the phone’s font size, bold all characters, and choose between six different color schemes.     

Robert Felgar, the CEO of RAZ Mobility, said that “authorizing the MiniVision2+ Cell Phone for the AT&T and Cricket network is a milestone.  Not only is it important for blind and visually impaired Americans, but it represents a step forward for accessibility generally.”  Aram Hekimian, the Chairman and CEO of Kapsys, added that, “he was thrilled that the MiniVision2+ Cell Phone is now available to AT&T customers.”       

RAZ Mobility is the exclusive distributor of Kapsys for the United States and offers the phone to consumers, state government agencies, blind rehabilitation centers, medical centers of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies. 

The MiniVision2+ Cell Phone can be ordered at  

About RAZ Mobility 

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for people with disabilities. These solutions take the form of mobile devices and mobile applications.  RAZ Mobility develops its own solutions, as well as resells the solutions of others.  Learn more about RAZ Mobility at 

About Kapsys

Kapsys develops and sells mobile devices for people who are blind or visually impaired.  Its basic feature phones and smartphones are sold throughout the world.  Learn more about Kapsys at  


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