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In a First, RAZ Mobility Introduces Dementia Care AI Advisor Providing Caregivers Reliable Advice about Dementia

CABIN JOHN, MD (January 10, 2024) – RAZ Mobility ( is helping dementia caregivers by integrating a conversational AI tool, Amicus Brain’s Dementia Care AI Advisor, into its RAZ Care app. The RAZ Care app is used to remotely manage all features of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone.   

Ask a question about dementia and the AI Advisor will provide a trusted answer. It is easy to use and understand, whether you talk or type, speak English, Spanish or Tagalog, or have limited computer savvy. The Dementia Care AI Advisor is a unique large language model based conversational AI tool that is specifically intended to help caregivers of people living with dementia. It is trained on trusted sources of clinical data, ensuring reliable answers. RAZ Mobility will make this conversational AI tool available to its customers at no additional charge.    

“Providing care for someone with dementia is difficult. Amicus Brain’s Dementia Care AI Advisor will help make it a little bit easier,” says Robert Felgar, CEO of RAZ Mobility.   

“Assisting families to live well with dementia is the mission of Amicus Brain. Our tools are available anytime anywhere to provide the right support for all stages of dementia,” says Chitra Dorai, Founder and CEO of Amicus Brain.        

The award-winning RAZ Memory Cell Phone is designed to help individuals with dementia, mild cognitive impairment, vision loss, hand tremors, speech disabilities, and seniors who require a simple experience. The unique phone makes it very easy for seniors, and allows caregivers to control the phone from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada through its remote manage feature and the RAZ Care app.  

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About RAZ Mobility

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for seniors and people with disabilities. These solutions take the form of mobile devices and mobile applications. RAZ Mobility develops its own solutions, as well as resells the solutions of others, where RAZ Mobility believes that the solutions of others are unique and highly beneficial to individuals with disabilities. RAZ Mobility is a participant in the AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative™. Learn more about RAZ Mobility at


About Amicus Brain

An award-winning company, Amicus Brain Innovations ( brings the power of artificial intelligence technology to transform care management for millions of families of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia around the globe. Amicus Brain participates in the AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative™. Follow @amicusbrain on social media.


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Robert Felgar 

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