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RAZ Mobility Offers One-on-One Music Sessions to its Memory Cell Phone Customers with Dementia

Cabin John, MD (September 20, 2023) – RAZ Mobility (, the leading provider of mobile assistive technology, announced today that it is offering its customers with dementia live one-on-one music sessions. The sessions will be provided over the video calling feature of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, a device designed for seniors with cognitive decline.        

To offer the music sessions, RAZ Mobility is partnering with Mind&Melody, an award-winning organization that has provided over 8,000 music sessions over the last nine years. Music can be a powerful tool to help people with dementia. It can improve mood, cognitive function, focus, and memory, while reducing agitation and frustration. 

Robert Felgar, CEO of RAZ Mobility, added that “music can be one of the few activities that brings joy to your senior experiencing dementia, and to which they eagerly look forward! The unique nature of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone allows individuals with dementia to access such sessions independently on their mobile device.”   

To help customers experience the benefits of music, RAZ Mobility and Mind&Melody are offering a free 30-minute one-on-one trial session. 

Learn more about the music sessions, and the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, at 


About RAZ Mobility

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for people with disabilities. These solutions take the form of mobile devices and mobile applications. RAZ Mobility develops its own solutions, as well as resells the solutions of others. Learn more about RAZ Mobility at


About Mind&Melody

Mind&Melody is an award-winning organization which has served older adults living with neurological impairments since 2015. Through individualized, interactive music programming they help re-engage and empower static minds to combat anxiety, loneliness, stress and ultimately improve quality of life for older adults. Mind&Melody provides 1-on-1 and group services. For more information, please visit


Contact: RAZ Mobility
Robert Felgar 

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