RAZ Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

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The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is a simple, groundbreaking cell phone for people with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s or seniors who prefer a simple experience. The phone allows seniors to stay connected with friends and family. 

The single-touch dial picture phone prioritizes simplicity.  It includes only one screen.  This single screen includes three elements:

  1. Photos and names of up to six contacts (with an option for up to thirty);
  2. A dedicated button to contact 911.
  3. Alternative RAZ Emergency Service to avoid unwanted 911 calls (requires subscription);
  4. The time, remaining battery power and and signal strength.

Wireless Charging Set available.

Receive 3 months of FREE service from Mint Mobile with your purchase! Only $15 to $25 per month thereafter. You may also select T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile or another compatible provider. For a version compatible with Verizon, AT&T and other carriers, including Canadian carriers, click here.


The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is a simple, groundbreaking cell phone for people with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s or seniors who prefer a simple experience.  The phone allows people seniors to stay connected with friends and family. 

The single-touch dial picture phone prioritizes simplicity.  It includes only one screen.  This single screen includes three elements:

  1. Photos and names of up to six contacts (with an option for up to thirty);
  2. A dedicated button to contact 911;
  3. Alternative RAZ Emergency Service to avoid unwanted 911 calls (requires subscription);
  4. The time, remaining battery power and and signal strength.

Six contacts are displayed as pictures with the names below the pictures.  Optionally, up to thirty contacts can be shown. Pressing a picture will start a call.  The cell phone also includes a dedicated 911 Emergency button. 

The display, which is a large 6.5 inches, does not time out.  It always remains on.  At your option, incoming calls can be restricted to those coming from Contacts, eliminating undesirable predatory calls.

The phone offers Remote Manage, which provides caregivers the unprecedented ability to remotely manage ALL aspects of their senior’s cell phone through a simple app or online portal. The app and/or portal are used by the caregiver to create and edit contacts, send the senior reminders, set up hours during which the senior cannot place calls, track the location of the phone/user, check the phone’s battery power or signal strength, select certain options, such as the option to disable the power button or restrict incoming calls to contacts, preventing unwanted predatory robocalls, and much more.

The picture phone does not exit the home screen.  This prevents users from getting confused in the normal smartphone environment. Even the power button can be disabled by the caregiver.

Voicemail cannot be accessed.

Wireless Charging Set available.

Your purchase of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone includes three months of FREE service from Mint Mobile.  After the free service is over, it costs only $15 to $25 per month.  You can also chose T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Mint Mobile or another compatible provider. For a version compatible with Verizon, AT&T and other carriers click here.     

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* Wireless service provided by Mint Mobile. Monthly price depends on selected plan and payment option.

Additional information


Dark blue, Black, Green


Operating System: Android 11
Processor: 1.8 GHz Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A75; 
Memory (RAM): 4GB RAM
Internal storage: 64GB
Expandable storage: Up to 128 GB with MicroSD


Battery size: 4,900 mAh


Display: 6.5” Full HD; 720 x 1600 Resolution


Dimensions: 160.2 mm Height; 76.7 mm Width; 9.0 mm Thin
Weight: 175 g
Ports: USB Type-C 


Carrier support: Unlocked for T-Mobile, and other GSM networks such as Mint Mobile, Straight Talk and Metro by T-Mobile. For a version compatible with Verizon, AT&T and other carriers click here.

Cellular connectivity: 4G VoLTE 

4G LTE Band: 1/2/3/4/5/7/12/17/66/28A/28B

SIM card: Nano-SIM

Device: Smartphone
Accessories: Wall charger, USB Type-C charger cable, and user guides.

Carrier support

Carrier 3G 4G
Mint Mobile
Metro by T-Mobile

Return Policy

Please find our Return Policy at https://www.razmobility.com/legal/#return


26 reviews for RAZ Memory Cell Phone

  1. Barb Binz

    I can’t thank you enough for working me to get the phone up & running for my mom. She’s starting to adjust to using it. This phone will help her as she gets flustered with all the options even on a basic cell phone.

  2. Arlene (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for this phone & the wonderful support staff that helped me with my questions & missteps. Tried out the phone with family members & are anxious to give it to her on Monday, her 92nd birthday. This will be a godsend for her to be able to communicate with her family during these difficult times. Usually there are only 5 stars but would give 10! Thank you for making this a very bright moment. Thank you again.

  3. Daniel

    I have been looking for a phone that would not confuse my Mother with her dementia. I have not found a phone that would work for her until I found this one. Having the ability to set up and control the phone from the caregiver portal has greatly reduced the time I have to spend dealing with phone issues. My Mother lets me know if she needs to add a number to her list and I can do the from anywhere without having to physically change it on her phone. I also like being able to check the battery level from the portal adn let her know if she needs to charger her phone if she forgets. No more assuming the phone is just dead. The GPS feature also gives me peace of mind to know were she is or if her phone was left somewhere. This is a great solution if you are looking for a phone for your family member with dementia.

  4. Penny

    I am so very thankful for this phone. It has given my father a sense of freedom again. His confidence in using the phone is phenomenal and we haven’t been able to say that in a while. I am wondering if there is a case that can be recommended that has a cover for the front that will stop accidental calls. PLEASE LOOK AT THIS PHONE FOR YOUR LOVED ONE, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

  5. Judith Matysik (verified owner)

    I purchased this phone for my mom who has dementia and was having great difficulty using even her simple flip phone. It is very easy to use and wonderful that I can manage the phone from the portal. I would rate “5” except 1) I assume there is no way to disable the 911 function due to legal issues, but it would be nice if I could since she is in a nursing home and help is always nearby; 2) would be nice to get rid of the message that says “individual’s voicemail has not been set up” since there is no voicemail option (I get calls from my mother’s family asking why she has no voicemail); 3) would be nice to be able to increase the number of rings. It only rings four times and it usually takes her longer than that to get across her room to answer since she doesn’t carry the phone around with her. All in all, though, very happy with this purchase.

    • RAZ Mobility

      Thank you for your review!
      You’re correct, the 911 function cannot be disable due to legal and regulatory issues. However, we offer the RAZ Emergency Service as an alternative. You can find more details at https://www.razmobility.com/product/raz-mobility-emergency-service-annual-plan/
      As for 2) the voicemail message and 2) the number of rings – these are control day the wireless provider. The number of rings / ring duration can bu adjusted by some of the carriers. Please contact the carrier and request it to be changed.
      RAZ Mobility Team

  6. JULIE GREENWOOD (verified owner)

    This phone is very nice to look at and easy to use. I love that we can limit the calls that my mom receives. She was always so confused by the spam calls about the extended warranty for her car. It’s great that she doesn’t get those anymore. It’s also really nice that she can see photos of my sisters and me to decide who she wants to call.
    We have already seen the benefit of the emergency service. It works perfectly when my mom accidently dials the 911 button!
    When I purchased the phone, I did so with the expectation that I could limit her repeated calls. I didn’t realize that I would have to remove the programmed numbers from the main screen in order to limit those calls. In a future update, I would love to see an option that allowed me to just put her on a brief pause without having to change the look of her interface.

  7. Jerry Vickery

    I am pleased with the simplicity of this phone. We have the Verizon version. It is easy to set up, and my wife is learning to operate it better than her previous phone.
    However, there are a couple of things I do not like. One, the volume is fixed, and it is too loud for certain situations. Secondly, there is no way to track missed calls, or voice mail.
    It would be nice to be able to adjust ring volume from the portal, and also, change the ring tone from the portal.
    Another suggestion is to add a locating option to an app that can be easily accessed from my phone, similar to the “find my phone” app that Apple has.

  8. LB

    This phone solved our conundrum with needing a simple phone for our older guy who now feels reconnected without the barrage of incomprehensible scammers. The tech support and customer service is responsive, efficient and superb.

  9. KM

    I just wanted to say thank you for this product. My mom, who has dementia, broke her hip, got COVID while in the hospital and ended up recovering from both in isolation in a nursing facility. She has been struggling to understand what is happening to her and not being able to be there with her has been a challenge for all of us. This phone has helped her tremendously. She had forgotten how to use a cell phone a long time ago but she can use this phone and it has lifted her spirits to stay in touch and she likes looking at our pictures. It’s such a well designed product and the customer support you offer is very appreciated as well. The staff at the Verizon store wrote down the information because they said they get requests for senior-friendly phones all the time and they don’t sell anything like this phone. The therapy staff at the nursing home commented that they love the phone as well and will be recommending it to other families in the facility.
    So, thank you for making such a thoughtful product and know that you have helped my mom tremendously during a challenging time for her.

  10. Paul

    RAZ phone works well for my 96 year old Mother-in Law. Tech support was very helpful with initial set-up.

  11. Julie

    Julie (verified owner) – May 29, 2021

    This phone has been a godsend to me as the caretaker of my mother from three states away. I love how I can manage the phone via the portal. There are so many things I love about this phone and its ease of use for my mother. Other reviews talked about the default ringtone volume being very loud and unable to change. The ringtone volume was super loud! I called RazMobility Support and they walked me through how to lower the ring volume (but you can only do it when having the phone physically with you and they walk you through all of the steps). I’m sure there are other changes RazMobility support can help you with. Just call them and ask, “Can _____ be adjusted on the phone?” They have been super helpful. I love how simple the portal is to manage and how I can see the battery life, and GPS location of my mother’s phone. The MintMobile cell service did not do too well in my mother’s nursing home, but it was easy to switch out the SIM cards to another carrier. But make sure you purchase the more expensive Raz phone so you can easily switch carriers if you need to. I would have stayed with MintMobile if the reception was better as their website is super easy to navigate. So this review doesn’t go on forever, I’ll focus on some features I would like to see in the future: recent call list, ability to adjust the ringtone volume, voice volume from portal. One glitch I’ve found is that when my mother presses the “Hang Up” button too long, she accidentally calls the contacts listed in the #5 & 6 spots. To avoid her accidentally calling someone a lot, I added my contact info into slots 5 & 6. So if it happens, she is just calling me. We also bought the wireless charger (which comes with the protective phone case). That way my mom does not have to struggle to plug in the regular phone charger. The wireless charger charges super slow to avoid wearing out the battery. This phone is awesome. Raz, if you created an affiliate program, I think you could get the word out even more about this phone. I would be a huge cheerleader of the phone!

    • RAZ Mobility

      Hello Julie,
      Thank you for your review! We’re glad to hear that the RAZ Memory Cell Phone keeps your mom connected.
      The ability to control the ring volume via the portal will be include in the next release among other new options.
      We have an affiliate program and our marketing team will contact you.
      RAZ Mobility Team

  12. Kathy Thorbjornsen (verified owner)

    I purchased this phone for my Dad who we just moved into a nursing home due to dementia. He became unable to remember how to work his old cell phone or the regular telephone. The RAZ has been a Godsend. It’s so easy for him to use and he is absolutely thrilled to be re-connected with his family. I had a little trouble activating it, ( a senior citizen setting up a phone for a senior citizen…what could go wrong???). But I called customer service and the rep that helped me was amazing. Patient and knowledgable and even emailed me pictures of what things should look like along the way. She made sure I knew how to add names and pictures to the phone and even offered to do it for me if I emailed her the pictures. I’ve called a few times with questions and I reach a human being quickly and they always know the answer to my questions. Customer service of the highest caliber. So far the only downside is that when the phone is in the case the volume of the ringtone is very low and my Dad doesn’t always hear it. I’ve called customer service and they told me that I have to be near the phone to adjust the volume, so the next time I am there I will give them a call. The RAZ is the absolute perfect cell phone for any senior but especially one who has impaired mental capabilities.

  13. Katri McLendon (verified owner)

    My 92 year old father loves this phone. I love not worrying that someone is scamming him over the phone. He loves showing it off to his friends at the retirement community. I love not spending hours trying to talk him through getting him back on his phone. He loves not calling the wrong person because he touched the wrong line in his contacts. I love updating new phone numbers for his contacts without having to have his phone in hand. For us it’s a win/win/win

  14. Karen Luton Yeager

    My Dad doesn’t have dementia but is 87. We got the Raz phone and it’s like a long, cool drink of water. We tried Jitterbug and Jethro “senior friendly” phones and they were a JOKE. Raz is the first truly SIMPLE phone – no menus, God bless them, and remotely configurable. The only thing I would criticize, and I hope Raz is listening… About once or twice a day, the Raz phone makes an outgoing call while in my Dad’s pants pocket. I have witnessed this first-hand. He’s puttering around the kitchen, not bending over, not with his hands in his pocket, and his phone calls me. If he were allowed to “turn off” the screen before he puts the phone in his pocket, I believe the problem would be fixed. We did try a belt holster, but with his posture, his belt is too close to his armpits and it takes so long to get the phone out of the holster that the phone stops ringing before he can answer.

  15. Eric Yarbrough III

    I purchased this phone for my brother who has rapid arm and hand tremors due to Parkinson’s Disease. He also has early Dementia. He is not tech savvy at all. The Raz phone is truly a blessing to him and my family not only because it’s simple and easy to use, but it eliminates the clutter he would have to navigate through using the traditional smart phone. He is proud that he has a device that is fully simplistic and streamlined to his need, but also instills his dignity just by the phone’s impressive appearance. Raz mobility technical support is Fantastic! I have dismissed products from other companies just on the premise of customer support alone, regardless of the quality of product. I was helped by Alex at Raz Tech support. He was extremely knowledgeable, methodical, courteous, and above all, patient. I enjoyed one of the best customer experiences I have had in many months. Kudos to Alex.

  16. Bob M.

    I found the RAZ Phone easy to get set up and it works as advertised. This will be a big help as my wife has memory problems. Now I feel comfortable being away from her for a while. Thanks.

  17. Sandra Brazil

    Great phone for those with dementia. Easy to set up from the caregiver portal. Customer Service is great. An improvement would have the phone shut off automatically if not being used since the battery goes down and the phone has to be charged daily.

  18. Judy Matysik (verified owner)

    I recently returned my mother’s Memory Cell Phone because someone at her care facility had inadvertently exited the app and did a factory reset. Within a week, I had the phone back with the app reinstalled. Not only that, you installed the new version which has great new options AND sent a complimentary wireless charging platform because she had damaged the charger port trying to put the charger in the wrong way. That is customer service above and beyond.
    Thank you so much for your awesome service and great product. It is the only phone my mother with dementia is able to use.

  19. Richard Rawson (verified owner)

    I completely concur with the positive reviews submitted to date. The design from the point of view of the care giver is marvelous. There was something of a learning curve to manage the desktop app, but the phone app is easier. I understand that kinks are still being worked out. However, it suits my purpose completely with my demented relative.

  20. Janet Cappiello (verified owner)

    This is close to being the perfect phone for those with dementia and those of us who care for them. It is so very well thought-out, anticipating all the problems. For the first time in months, my husband can call me when he’s feeling anxious or worried from his memory care facility. It has been such a relief for both of us.

  21. Joe in FL (verified owner)

    The Memory Phone has been a wonderful solution to our parent’s dementia challenges. What a relief to have the confidence that they can call when they want and not be discouraged by the complexity of a smart phone.

  22. Terry Dickinson

    Very happy with the phone, works great for my mother who suffers with dementia

  23. Vicki Terry (verified owner)

    The RAZ is a great phone. Customer service is outstanding. I bought this for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately we waited a little to long to make the change. She was not able to make the adjustment to the phone and I had to return it. With that being said, this is a wonderful cell phone, I am super impressed with how it works and the options for the caregiver from the portal. I will be telling anyone I know who needs this service. We did the T-Mobile version and had zero problems. Just put the SIM card in and it worked perfectly. Thanks for a great product!

  24. John Whalen

    RAZ MEMORY phone is exceptional for my father in law age 94. He has some age related dementia combined with macular degeneration. Especially helpful are the auto answer to speaker phone options. He is able to call us usig the limited photo buttons. And, NO MORE JUNK CALLS. Wish we were aware of this earlier. We are showing it off at his new Assisted Living Community. We also love the optional charging cradle which is home for the phone most of the time.
    This is exceptional value that helps reduce worry for the caretaker…. WOW, SO HELPFUL.

  25. Jo Baker (verified owner)

    This phone is fabulous for my mom who has dementia. We tried several ‘easy’ and ‘senior’ phones before finding this one. This is the only one she’s been able to use reliably. Being able to control the phone settings from my phone is great; no more deleted contacts or turning her phone off then wondering why it wasn’t working. The phone works well on the T-Mobile network. I had to contact customer service and was shocked to be connected to a person right away. He immediately identified the issue and walked me though how to fix it. The call lasted maybe 5 minutes and there have been zero issues since. I wish we’d found this phone a couple years ago. It would have saved both mom and family members a lot of frustration.

  26. Joni (verified owner)

    Easy for my non-tech husband to use. We set it to auto answer and speaker phone, so he doesn’t even need to pick it up. Makes us feel more secure for those times when I need to leave him alone for short periods.

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