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An Android Advantage

Published: January 9, 2017

All government programs are stewards of tax payer dollars.  Like families, government agencies must always do more with less.  The challenge of doing more with less is the ultimate problem faced by every sector, especially the public sector.

The RAZ Mobility Android program offers first rate Android devices at extremely attractive prices to help State Equipment Distribution Programs meet the challenge of serving as many individuals as possible with first-rate equipment and services.

The ability to serve more people through the RAZ Mobility Android program can be illustrated in a simple example.  Let’s say that a State Equipment Program has a budget that allows the State to purchase $500,000 worth of mobile equipment per year.  On the one hand, the State can purchase the Moto G4 from RAZ Mobility for $200.00 per device.  On the other hand, it can purchase an iPhone 7 for $649.00.  Under this scenario, the State can purchase 2,500 Android devices, but a mere 770 iPhones.  That’s an additional 1,730 individuals with disabilities served through the RAZ Mobility Android program!

Now, to be fair, State Equipment Programs do not only purchase equipment, they also require training, customized setup, customer support, mobile device management services as well as other services.  If these costs are factored in, the gap between the number of people served through the RAZ Mobility Android program and iOS devices will narrow somewhat.  But it will still remain significant!

What about quality, you ask?  If you are providing mobile devices to individuals who are deaf so that they can use video relay services or mobile captel, the advantage of the iPhone over the Moto G4 is virtually nil!  In fact, the Moto G4 has at least one very important advantage over the iPhone 7:  The standard iPhone 7 has a 4.7-inch display, while the Moto G4 has a 5.5-inch display!  That’s a significant advantage to the Moto G4 when a primary use of the device is video.  And the Moto G4, as well as the other Motorola android devices offered by RAZ Mobility, are great devices under any use scenario.

Android is the world’s most popular OS and the leading OS in the U.S. with a 59.1% market share for shipped mobile devices in 2015. *

Serving more people with less, while providing an outstanding customer experience, is no small matter.

* Source: Parks Associates, February 2016 (December 2015 shipments);;


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