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Published: December 12, 2015

RAZ Mobility is very pleased to make available Claria Zoom, the leading low vision smartphone solution. Claria Zoom is precisely the type of solution that RAZ Mobility is proud to offer its customers. It is unique, innovative and substantially increases the accessibility of smartphones to people with disabilities.

The solution includes twenty applications specifically designed for low vision users. These include basic applications, such as a dialer, email, SMS and calendar. As well as other useful applications, such as GPS, camera, magnifier, OCR and a weather app. Each of these applications is presented in bold text that can be adjusted in size simply by pinching or expanding one’s fingers. The color scheme can be adjusted easily to white on black, black on white, yellow on black or yellow on blue. And any screen can be vocalized. Thus, the user can have any text message, email or web page spoken to him or her.

Perhaps most impressive, ANY page from ANY application can be converted to the Claria Zoom format. This is a significant advance in low vision accessibility. Similarly, ANY web page can be presented in the Claria Zoom format by using the Claria Zoom browser. These functionalities are not available on the iPhone.

Claria Zoom is making the solution available in two ways: government agencies can (1) purchase a license for the application so that users can download it on any android phone; or (2) purchase the application bundled with the Moto G smartphone from Motorola, a fantastic mid-market smartphone.

Note from RAZ Mobility: The Claria Zoom app is no longer available. An excellent cell phone for people who are blind  or low vision is the Lucia phone. Lucia is a big button basic cell phone that is 100% accessible.

RAZ Mobility is excited to offer this solution to its customers!


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